And I want to see it all. Today I am in planning mode. This year I want to visit some friends in New York, go to Seattle for the first time, go to Orlando with my family, AND go to Ireland and Italy. I just don’t know if I can do it all. In fact, I have a sinking feeling that I can’t. But it’s hard to decide what gets the ax. It all just sounds so lovely. That’s why this photo is speaking to me today, because yes there’s a whole lot of world out there. And I’m ready to see it all right now.

if you’re lucky enough to have to worry about which trips to take, you’re lucky enough



quote i havent been everywhere

I took this photo on my iPhone during a drive from Arizona back to San Diego (originally posted here). I was driving about 6 hours by myself and I remember looking out the window at the great open road and feeling fine. I didn’t mind the drive or the solitude. In fact I enjoyed it. Paired with such a great quote by Susan Santog, it has become one of my favorite photographs.

if you’re lucky enough to have found a quote to live by, you’re lucky enough