I don’t know exactly when it happened. I cannot remember when I became so enthralled with taking photos, with capturing everything before me, with developing a near obsession with snapping memories. But if I had to pick a moment when it began, when my love affair started, it must have been when I was traveling through Europe. I was surrounded by so many new and so many beautiful things that I was suddenly taking hundreds and hundreds of pictures.

And now I find it nearly impossible to go a few hours without taking a photo. To me, there is something so magical about seeing something that brings me joy and trying to the best of my ability to grab ahold of that piece of beauty and share it with everyone around me. I wouldn’t label myself as a photographer and I’m sure I could do a better job with actual training, but I have found photography to be such a gift. You weren’t where I was, but I want you to see everything wonderful that I saw.

What about you? Why do you take photographs?

if you’re lucky enough to be able to share your photos, you’re lucky enough



I hate packing. I mostly hate it because I’m often reminded of how much stuff I have. And I’m reminded that so much of the stuff that I do have, I do not need. And then I feel bad about myself.

And then I think “Lizzie, here is what you are going to do. You are going to donate all of your stuff. You are going to live off of only what you need. You’ll only have to pack maybe 5 boxes, because everything else is going to Goodwill.”

And then I look at my picture frames filled with beautiful memories. And my sea of shoes that make my heart happy. And my unnecessary amount of earrings that truly put a spring in my step. And I realize that I attach so many personal feelings to so many innate objects. Everything I own becomes something I adore. And that stuff that doesn’t, well of course I’ll donate.

It’s not about having what you want, it’s about wanting what you’ve got. And I sure as shooting love what I got. Of course I don’t need every single pair of shoes I own and I absolutely don’t need all of the clothes in my closet. But gosh they make me happy. So hop on board boxes, you’re all coming with me to Chicago.

if you’re lucky enough to love the things you have, you’re lucky enough

a jumble of thoughts

isn’t my mom the sweetest? she gave me this mug for christmas. i brought it all the way across the sea to ireland with me and now it’s sitting on my desk as a lovely reminder of how supportive she is.

i’m sorry ze blog has been so quiet these past couple of days. i’ve been busy with final essays, blaahh, and trying to figure out my summer plans. i have news to share shortly but i want to wait until everything is absolutely final before jinxing myself. but here is a random mix of my thoughts for your enjoyment….

monday night a group of us went on an epic pub crawl. 11 pubs (kind of) on april 11th because we are in ireland during spring 2011. so fun. i’ll post photos as soon as possible.

and last night we’re had ourselves a little taco tuesday action. followed with homemade sex on the beach drinks. i’ll share photos and our personal recipe soon too.

and can you believe i’m flying to venice, italy in 6 days? it’s so crazy to think about how fast time is racing on by. lauren and i booked our easter weekend in rome two months ago. and now it’s nearly here. oiy vey.

i hope you are all enjoying your first few weeks of actual spring. 2011 is already a third of the way gone and i can barely believe it. this year has been so good to me and i hope good to you as well.

i promise to return tomorrow with fun photos and a little bit more to share.

if you’re lucky enough to have a mind so full it pours out in jumbles, you’re lucky enough