The Bean Chicago

(A photograph of my most recent trip to the Bean at Cloud Gate. See my other photographs of this beauty here.)

When people ask me how I am enjoying living in Chicago, my immediate answer is: “I love it! Chicago is such a great city.” And after they inevitably ask me the typical winter weather questions I always end up coming back to the same conversation – something about Chicago just inspires me. Something about Chicago makes me want to become a better writer. Something about Chicago makes me want to take hundreds of photographs. Something about Chicago makes me want to be happier.

I have a fascination with understanding how I feel, what I like, what I don’t like, and what I want. And  I just recently realized through talking with friends and coworkers how much I love “self- help” books. I just recently realized how silly some people think the idea of reading about self exploration is. I just recently realized how much I don’t care what those people think.

I’m currently reading the popular book The Happiness Project and learning so much. I’m learning that I’m really good at some things such as always laughing and being able to see the bright side of things. But I’m also learning things that I can work on like not being afraid of failure and appreciating how challenge is beneficial. These past few months in Chicago have been a huge growing experience for me. I’m in a new city, meeting new people and I believe truly growing up. And I’m finding out how much fun it is.

How about you? Do you feel embarrassed to pick up a book from the “Self Help” section of the library or bookstore? Do you enjoy learning more about happiness?

if you’re lucky enough to enjoy learning more about yourself, you’re lucky enough



I am typically one of those angsty people almost against chains and touristy “things.” However, some places, some sites, some restaurants are tourist attractions for a valid reason — because they are fan flipping tastic. And my friends, Cloud Gate {aka THE BEAN} is fan flipping tastic. This weekend Johanna and I ventured to The Bean – finally. I was giddy on the bus ride and nearly jumping with excitement when we got there.

The statue is beautiful. It is one of the most photographed places in Chicago, which is so understandable when you see it. You cannot help but want to take hundreds of photos. I’m proud to say I limited myself to 30. Johanna and I are extremely excited about returning to take pictures sometime at night, and when it’s really snowy out, and when it’s really sunny.

The history of Cloud Gate is pretty interesting too. It hasn’t been around very long, only about 6 years now. Yet it has such a place in Chicago, according to me at least. And! It is washed by hand twice daily. How cool is that? Guys, I think I am smitten with this city.


if you’re lucky enough to visit The Bean in Chicago, you’re lucky enough