That is the rate at which my life has been moving lately.

This summer has already proved to be a great one. I have moved into a new apartment that I love. I am putting more and more energy into work. And I am making closer and closer friendships.

And it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about any of it. Can you forgive me? Maybe enjoy this quote as a small token of my apologies:


if you’re lucky enough to have somewhere to return to, you’re lucky enough






1. A delicious, light juice: carrots, oranges, and lemon.

2. Congratulations Johanna! My roommate got a great new job in Napa. Yay!

3. I spent my weekend puppy sitting this silly guy. Marley is a Puli and FULL of personality.

I hope you are having a beautiful Memorial Day!

if you’re lucky enough to find things to be happy about when you have to work on a holiday, you’re lucky enough


When I was young, I really wanted to make a news station all about happy news. Good morning Chicago! Today three kittens were saved and two puppies played in the park. Now over to you Stan for the daily chocolate giveaway!

And over the past few weeks, with a new tragedy emerging far too often, I keep going back to this idea. I haven’t yet started my own news station but I did find two really upbeat and interesting videos to share with you. Because not everything going on in this world is bad.

1. A remarkable story about a lady and a great white shark.

2. An Oklahoma tornado survivor finds her missing dog while being interviewed on TV.

Happy Friday everyone! And here’s to finding the happy stories!

if you’re lucky enough to find an uplifting news story every once in awhile, you’re lucky enough




I briefly mentioned it earlier, but I am officially a juicer. A few weeks ago, a coworker of mine introduced me to the idea of a juice cleanse. She wrangled of group of us to do it together. I was initially sold simply on the idea of banning together and doing something fun. But then I researched the company JuiceRX. Without further ado, please allow me to introduce to you my rave review.

I ordered a 3 day juice cleanse through JuiceRX and from the moment I visited their website through my last sip of juice, I was extremely pleased with their service. They handled us so well as a group and actually delivered our juices right to our hotel. I was able to wake up and start my first day of the cleanse with the juices waiting for me at work. And most importantly, the juices were tasty and fresh.


After three days I was feeling so fantastic I realized I didn’t want to stop. I couldn’t stop. And so on my last day, I went and purchased my own juicer. I finally watched the buzzed about documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (you can watch on both Netflix and Hulu) and was instantly energized. I committed to juicing for another 4 days, for a total of one week consuming only fruit and vegetable juice.



I have felt more lively, more awake, more light, and more fresh this past week than I have felt in a long time. And any time I started to waver motivation and to day dream about giving up, I simply googled “juicing.” As I am finished with my 7 day cleanse, I plan to incorporate one meal into my day along with two juices. It is such an addicting feeling. I no longer have any need for coffee or tea in the morning. I wake up either before my alarm or at the first buzz. My skin feels brighter. And the accomplished feeling of setting a goal and actually meeting that goal is so uplifting.

But enough of me raving about juice, I’d love to hear from you. Do you drink fresh juice? Have you ever tried a juice cleanse? Have any tips to share?

if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a healthy habit, you’re lucky enough



I wanted to share a quick tip that I have recently adopted when I’m feeling frustrated / annoyed / angry / negative. It’s so cliche isn’t it to think, there’s always a silver lining right? But what I have been doing is stopping myself and saying, Lizzie I dare you to find the positive here. There’s something good about this situation. It might be really tiny and it might be trying to hide, but it’s there.

For example, I was getting very frustrated with several different people at work asking me the same question over and over. I caught myself even getting short with an employee or two. I took a second, took a step back, and said to myself: Wow, I am very grateful that these employees feel comfortable coming to me for help. It became a lot easier for me to graciously help others when I thought about it in that sense. It can sometimes take courage to admit you need help and I should celebrate the fact that people feel they can come to me whenever they need.

Another example, my friend and I wanted to see Fun. preform at the Taste of Chicago this summer. However, we stalled just a few hours too long and the tickets sold out. I was really, really sad. I even sent my friend a depressing WHY MEEEE? text message … we are talking full on pity party. But then I woke up the next morning and thought, no I’m sure there are tickets out there somewhere. And with a little research we discovered there is an area within Taste of Chicago that is for ticket holders only but, you can also watch the show on the grass. FOR FREE. The positive? We are going to save a few bucks.

Avoiding negative thinking is so important for our mental health. But I find it can be overwhelming to be told, DON’T BE NEGATIVE. So instead of not being negative, what if we worked to find a little bit of positive within the negative? What do you think? Do you have any tips for staying happy?

if you’re lucky enough to have a place to discuss ways to stay happy, you’re lucky enough