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Why hello there! My name is Lizzie. Welcome to my tiny corner of the World Wide Web.

I started this blog to document the 5 months I spent living in Ireland and traveling all throughout Europe. On a crazy awesome scale of 1-10, it was a 12. But once I returned to California {my home base}, I realized I liked blogging. So the blog slowly underwent a transformation and became more of a general travel and personal blog. I graduated from San Diego State in May 2012 and moved to Chicago in June 2012. My interests have changed greatly over the past few years: I first wrote about studying abroad, I then wrote about well nothing in particular just life, I then wrote about my love for travel, and now I find myself writing about my love for life. I have found myself becoming more and more interested in self development and the continuous journey towards happiness.

I try to write about life — what I do to make it a bit easier, a bit more fun, and a bit more worth living. Happiness is a choice and I am writing about making that decision on a daily basis.


WHAT CAMERA DO YOU USE? I take 99% of the photos here on lucky enough. If the photos aren’t mine you will see a link giving due credit. And I primarily use a Canon TI3 and a 50mm lens to take my photos. However sometimes the photos do come from my iPhone, god bless the sweet iPhone 4s.

WAIT A SECOND… IS THIS A STUDY ABROAD BLOG? I first started to this blog to document studying abroad. so yes, you may have been sent here from several wonderful study abroad places. I studied abroad in Galway, Ireland in Spring 2011. You can read all about my adventure by scrolling through my archives. Any post that took place between November 2010-December 2010 chronicles my preparations. Any post from January 2011 – June 2011 chronicles my adventures abroad.

WHERE IN EUROPE DID YOU TRAVEL? You can take a peek at all the places I visited here.

WHAT DOES LUCKY ENOUGH MEAN? I first heard the quote “if you’re lucky enough to be irish, you’re lucky enough” and fell in love. I heard this quote just a few months before moving to Ireland. and I realized that it is so true but on so many deeper levels than just being Irish (although that is an absolute plus). Lucky enough just serves as my personal reminder to be grateful. I’m a big believer that luck is believing that you are lucky.


WHERE DO YOU WORK? I work at one of the best hotels in Chicago which has only added to my love for traveling. However this blog isn’t about my career. Writing about work is grounds for firing these days (I’m joking mostly. But yeah I try to keep it separate from my writing).

HOW OFTEN DO YOU BLOG? I go on and off. I’m struggling with finding exactly what makes me happy and what I want to do. Sometimes I find that blogging is extremely therapeutic and then sometimes I don’t. I do not really follow a schedule or post a specific amount.

WHAT BLOGS DO YOU READ? You can view my current reads here.

Oh no, did I miss your question? Please ask me here.