I wanted to share a quick tip that I have recently adopted when I’m feeling frustrated / annoyed / angry / negative. It’s so cliche isn’t it to think, there’s always a silver lining right? But what I have been doing is stopping myself and saying, Lizzie I dare you to find the positive here. There’s something good about this situation. It might be really tiny and it might be trying to hide, but it’s there.

For example, I was getting very frustrated with several different people at work asking me the same question over and over. I caught myself even getting short with an employee or two. I took a second, took a step back, and said to myself: Wow, I am very grateful that these employees feel comfortable coming to me for help. It became a lot easier for me to graciously help others when I thought about it in that sense. It can sometimes take courage to admit you need help and I should celebrate the fact that people feel they can come to me whenever they need.

Another example, my friend and I wanted to see Fun. preform at the Taste of Chicago this summer. However, we stalled just a few hours too long and the tickets sold out. I was really, really sad. I even sent my friend a depressing WHY MEEEE? text message … we are talking full on pity party. But then I woke up the next morning and thought, no I’m sure there are tickets out there somewhere. And with a little research we discovered there is an area within Taste of Chicago that is for ticket holders only but, you can also watch the show on the grass. FOR FREE. The positive? We are going to save a few bucks.

Avoiding negative thinking is so important for our mental health. But I find it can be overwhelming to be told, DON’T BE NEGATIVE. So instead of not being negative, what if we worked to find a little bit of positive within the negative? What do you think? Do you have any tips for staying happy?

if you’re lucky enough to have a place to discuss ways to stay happy, you’re lucky enough



  1. Thanks, this is a nice new spin on this idea. It’s too hard sometimes just to deny that something is negative.Sometimes negative things happen, it’s undeniable and it’s bad to pretend otherwise. But to think that something positive has come out of the situation, even just to know you can deal with the situation is a positive sometimes. Building character and all that :)


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