As soon as I was old enough to eat my breakfast at the table and skip the high chair I have heard the phrase “it’s the simple things…” And I would feel pretty confident in assuming that you too have heard this saying on many occasions. This phrase is stitched on pillows, the title of a handful of songs, and the beginning on a hundred different quotes.

So today, here are a few of my simple things…

The avocados I’ve found at the grocery store have been top notch lately. 

I booked a flight home for a week in September where I’ll be meeting one of my closest aunts and three of my favorite cousins at my parents’ house. I’m a tiny bit ecstatic about this.

I started a green committee at work and we are going to slowly work together to make our hotel more environmentally friendly. How amazing is that?

It was warm enough to walk to an adorable little ice cream shop around the block from our apartment yesterday, so Johanna and I had our first ice cream of the season.

What simple things can you think of today? Because as we all know, as we have all heard, it’s the simple things in life that matter the most.

if you’re lucky enough to remember it’s the simple things, you’re lucky enough


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