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My sister recently visited me in Chicago. I love playing tour guide in this city. It’s so much fun to have the opportunity to show off my favorite places and to try new things as I’m still pretty fresh here. I’m planning to eventually create a full guide of what I recommend seeing and doing in the city, but in the mean time I will share just a small tidbit here and there.

And the first one? If you have a day to spend in Chicago, I recommend starting it off with a latte from Intelligentsia Coffee. The coffee is delicious, the cafes are adorable, the baristas are super friendly, and most importantly to me the beans are not just fair trade, but direct trade.

Have you ever had Intelligentsia? While the company started in Chicago, they also serve coffee in LA and New York. If you try a cup of jo from Intelligentsia, I hope you’ll let me know!

if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a soy latte from Intelligentsia, you’re lucky enough




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