20130422-142156.jpgIMG_0048 IMG_0062I love the Earth. And I love Earth Day! It’s a beautiful thing that we take an entire day to think about our pretty little planet and to remember the importance of protecting her. Since moving to Chicago I have actually found myself taking many more steps towards being more environmentally friendly. Which is funny since I moved from California, known for being on the forefront of the “green” movement.

I proudly use public transportation, reducing heat trapping traffic pollution  I also always carry my reusable grocery bags with me when shopping and never use the stores’ paper or plastic bags. But I have a few goals to improve how I treat the world. I would like to start my own small, apartment friendly garden. Maybe just a few herbs? I would also like to start taking my recycling to a specific recycling drop off. I just have a sinking feeling that the large dumpster marked “Recycling” gets emptied in the same space as our trash.


Besides simply treating the Earth better, I also have been researching the personal, emotional affects of going “green” and I have good news. There appears to be a growing amount of evidence that suggests being kind to our planet is also good for our well being. Cindy McPherson, Ph.D said, “We consistently find a correlation between the extent to which people feel connected to nature and various wellbeing measures: They feel more positive emotions, more life satisfaction and more connected to people.”

Studies have shown that people who were shown photographs of natural scenes tended to care more about the well being of the environment than those who looked at buildings. This bond with the natural world also increases the desire to protect it.

“Part of why we benefit from being out in nature is that it gets us out of ourselves,” Frantz says. “We feel connected to something bigger than ourselves and it’s inherently positive. Engaging in helping and pro-social behavior makes people feel better — it literally lights up the pleasure center of the brain.” Source.

So here’s to our planet and here’s to treating her with a little bit more respect every day!

if you’re lucky enough to live on Earth, you’re lucky enough



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