Add the good Subtract the bad

I have started a new project in my life – adding the good and subtracting the bad. In my opinion, resolutions don’t have to be made only on the 1st of January. And I have decided to give something new a try. I want to start making really small, weekly resolutions to myself. I want to start experimenting with making small changes and seeing how they affect my mood, my piece of mind, and my overall happiness.

This week I tested two small theories that I thought may make me happier.

ADD THE GOOD: making my bed every morning.


I have read a few studies that suggest that those that make their beds daily get a much better night’s sleep. Yet I am known for keeping my bed unmade. I love a cozy bed. I have more than 10 pillows and three blankets. I love just wrapping myself up in all kinds of ways. But, sleep is important to me – it’s one of my favorite hobbies. And it seemed too interesting not to try to become an even better sleeper. So, Monday morning through Sunday morning I vowed to make my bed every day.

The verdict? Well of course waking up an additional five minutes earlier wasn’t exactly pleasant. But coming home to a fresh bed felt fantastic. My entire room felt cleaner and more put together. Did I sleep better? Absolutely. Am I forever changed? I’m not making any promises that I’ll make my bed EVERY single morning, but I am absolutely going to try.

SUBTRACT THE BAD: skipping the coffee shop lattes.

There is something very comforting to me (and I would guess a majority of the Starbucks obsessed country I live in) about buying a cup of coffee, a soy latte, or a cup of tea. But I feel a small pang of guilt every time I do – buyers remorse if you will. And yet the past few weeks I found myself at a cute little coffee stand below my hotel, indulging in a peaceful cup of something warm and a few minutes of quiet before work. The damage? At least $15 maybe $20 per week spent on something that I can so easily make myself either at home or at work for a tiny fraction of the cost. And so this past week I avoided the coffee cart.

The verdict? My wallet and my conscience both thanked me profusely. I am sure there will be times when I’ll cave and buy a cup of something, but I am not going to let it become a habit.

Do you have any tiny resolutions you’re trying to work on? Anything you’re trying to add to your life or subtract? It feels extremely positive and productive to set a goal, no matter the size, and accomplish it.

if you’re lucky enough to discover the joys of making your bed every morning, you’re lucky enough



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