quote busy is a drug

Recently I have become incredibly annoyed with the word busy. It is typically defined as being in use or having a great deal to do. Yet I find myself using it all the time. I will have friends ask me “How are you liking Chicago? How’s the new job?” And I respond for who knows the reason, “It’s great! It’s really busy but so much fun.”

After catching myself repeating this over and over I stopped mid sentence and thought, but who isn’t busy at work? Who has a life that isn’t demanding? Whose life isn’t “in use” as the word busy is defined. I think I can sound condescending when I talk about how “busy” I am. Busy is a relative term, isn’t it?

But it’s not only in conversation that I have worn out my use of the word. I have also worn it out as an excuse in my mind. Have you ever felt like you are postponing your own life? Have you ever said to yourself “Oh maybe next week /  month / year when I have more time?”

Recently I started taking a photography class. Photography has been an interest of mine for several years, I have a great camera, and I have been wanting learn more for a long time. I kept telling  myself “I will take a photography class next month, work will be slower, I will have more time.” I was using this concept of being “too busy” as an excuse to delay my own life.

Finally I came to my senses and enrolled in the class about two months ago. It’s been a large time commitment. But truly the only thing I have had to give up is how much TV I watch. I still have plenty of time for work. My class has never conflicted with my work schedule. I am still having a grand ol’ time with friends. And I still have time to take care of myself, workout and live well. Looking back at myself making excuses not to take the photography class I could slap my forehead and say, “Really Lizzie? You thought you were too busy because you needed to watch hours of TV or entire series of shows on Netflix? Please.”

I am taking a personal pledge to stop the glorification of busy. I vow to use the word sparingly and with meaning. And I vow to never use it an excuse again. Or, well I vow to try really hard not to.

How about you? How is your relationship with the drug busy?

if you’re lucky enough to have enough time to observe your annoyance with the word busy, you’re lucky enough



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