I’ve been listening to Bon Iver on repeat lately. Few things sound as lovely as his voice on vinyl. IMG_0359

A pretty new place to store some special wine. 2 bottles are from my wine tasting trip in Australia. 1 bottle is from my hometownIMG_0361

I have hung up all my scarves with care. My big, down winter jacket hasn’t been used in almost two weeks. I think spring might just be here!


A fun new way to organize my eggs (raw vs. hardboiled) in dishes that make me swoon.

There are a few other things are making me happy this Monday…

1. A hysterical bit of standup by Jim Gaffigan about hot pockets. In a strange way it makes me equal parts grossed out and wanting just a small bite of a pepperoni Hot Pocket.

2. The San Francisco Giants are coming to Chicago next weekend. And my friends and I are planning on going to at least one game!

3. My little cousin Birdie is such a bundle of joy. It’s impossible not to feel happier after watching these videos of her.

How about you? What is making you happy this Monday?

if you’re lucky enough to have ways to beat off the Monday blues, you’re lucky enough




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