Can you believe this photo? It’s the dazzling view from my hotel, taken on my iPhone 4s. I have been so busy at work, and today as I was attending a meeting I paused and looked out the window. And THIS. This is what I saw.

It is technically spring. Flowers. Farmers’ Markets. Outdoor seating. I am excited for it all. I am excited that I have officially made it through 3 out of 4 seasons here in Chicago: summer // fall // winter.

But spring is playing hard to get around here. Today it was as cold as ever and I left the house bundled up. The sun is doing her part. She is in full force and ready to entertain us for the next few months.  So as soon as you feel like it Miss Spring, we are all ready to play.

if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with four seasons, you’re lucky enough



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