Over the past few years, and over my past few trips, I have come to appreciate the unusual. When traveling to a new city I do enjoy doing the major MUST DOS/ MUST SEES. I will always recommend visiting the Guinness Factory to anybody that visits Dublin. And I will take every single person that visits me to see the Bean in Chicago. However, whenever I find myself day dreaming about a past trip the memories that always fill my heart are the memories that come from doing something different, something unique, something unexpected.

A few days before going to Denver to visit my dear friend Brittanie, she emailed myself and my fellow adventurer Amy and asked if we wanted to go dog sledding. What? Dog sledding? I didn’t even know that was a real thing you could do if you didn’t live in 1. Alaska and 2. didn’t have a fury friend named Balto. But Brittanie included the link to the dog sledding website and after two minutes looking it over I was sold.

Saturday morning we woke early and drove from Denver to Breckenridge. The entire trip probably took about 2.5 hours as we ran into a bit of traffic about half way there. But the time in the car was time well spent – we were surrounded by such beauty. And such beauty that cannot be found simply staying in the downtown area of Denver. We were on a highway in the middle of beautiful trees and huge, snow covered mountains. We made a reservation for 11am and arrived about 20 minutes early. The website recommends arriving 30 minutes early to get suited up with a snow suit and snow boots – if needed. Because we wore our own clothes and didn’t need to borrow anything, arriving 20 minutes early was plenty of time. We had to sign the standard waiver and were then allowed to wait outside for the adventure to begin. This time was so much fun as we got to pet the huskies and take as many photos as we wanted.



Our tour guide was named Val. She was half of the reason I so confidently recommend this tour. She was fantastic. We were a group of 6. Brittanie, Amy, myself and then 3 additional high school aged girls. Val introduced us to each dog and told us a bit of their story. She then explained in detail how to handle the sled, how the process would work. She also explained what to do if you fell off and how to catch the dog sled. This freaked me out and I decided to sit the first leg out on the passenger sleigh and take photos. Of the 6 people on the tour, 2 are on the dog sled at one time. This gives the other 4 an opportunity to take photographs and ride in front of the dog sled to enjoy the scenery.

IMG_9542 IMG_9526

Initially Val could tell I was worried about falling off and had me start on a slower, uphill bit of the trail. As soon as I stepped on the dog sled I was ready to rock and roll. And Val let me drive the sled on a fast, downhill trail.

Whether I was driving the dog sled or sitting along in the passenger sleigh, the experience was truly euphoric. I couldn’t stop taking photographs of the dogs, of the snow, of the trees, of everything around me. I just kept looking at my friends and saying, “It is just so beautiful.” Or, “It is like we are living in a postcard.”

IMG_9540 IMG_9558

Before Brittanie mentioned going dog sledding, it wouldn’t have even been on my radar. And now what I want you to do is scribble a note at the bottom of your bucket list to make a trip to the beautiful Colorado and go dog sledding in Breckenridge.


if you’re lucky enough to go dog sledding even once in your life, you’re lucky enough




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