chicago feb 5

I didn’t write public resolutions this year, however I do take them very seriously. One of my main resolutions for the fabulous year of 2013 was to live like an adventurer – to travel at home. Confused?

What I mean is that I want to take in everything that I can in this world – including what is in my own backyard. Chicago is such a spectacular city. I’ve lived here more than half of a year and still constantly feel like I’m stumbling into something new, something great around every corner. I’m sure I could think of things I don’t like about Chicago and I am sure I could write an entire list about how great California (home) is. However I don’t even find myself thinking about the bad. I’m thoroughly enjoying living in a new city.

If I had it my way, I’d go somewhere new every other week. If I had it my way, I’d fly around the entire world. Twice. But real life tends to get in the way. So I plan to explore at home, experience new corners of Chicago when I cannot travel far. I hope to share with you all the small things I do to keep my adventuring soul happy. And I hope I inspire you to do the same. I hope I inspire you to appreciate where you are at this moment. Because traveling is pretty damn awesome. But so is home.

(Photos above are all take with my iPhone 4s. Follow me on instagram – @lizziejaeger).

if you’re lucky enough to live in an adventure, you’re lucky enough



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