IF I HAD ONE DAY: petaluma

We are already one week into the year 2013. That’s 1/52 or .02% complete! I can already imagine myself sitting over wine and good food (fingers crossed!) and awwing with my girlfriends that 2013 went by so quickly. It happens every year right? But I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. When a year zips past us it’s usually because we were so busy living life to stop and slowly count down the 365 days.

For me, I already have two small trips booked for the year and plans for a few more. For me, it’s looking like another year of fun and happiness. And I really hope that’s how your year is looking too. Incase you already have travel plans or incase you need some inspiration while planning, please enjoy a few great articles I found this week to get you going!

The Most Instagrammed Places of 2012 – as an avid Instagram lover, this was a fun read. And I’ve been to half of the top places! How about you? Have you Instagrammed any of these places?

Change How You Travel in 2013 – this article captures my New Year’s Resolutions in a nutshell. It’s inspiring for the adventurer who can travel far or near.

12 Months of Travel Resolutions for 2013 – such a fun challenge! Do you think we should join in on the fun?

American Eagle Pilot Fails Alcohol Test, Suspended – I think this is equal parts scary and reassuring. If that’s even possible? It’s scary that he would try to fly but reassuring that the industry takes this issue so seriously.

Italy Wine Tours – I’m starting to research for my biggest trip of the year that’s in the works.

So here’s to week one and here’s to many more. Happy Sunday everyone!

if you’re lucky enough to find hope in the new year, you’re lucky enough




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