It was most likely watching endless episodes of Sex and the City that truly engraved the idea of Sunday brunch into my mind. It was also most likely watching endless episodes of Sex and the City that made me comfortable with consuming alcohol so early in the morning. And in Chicago, I have yet to find a place better to accomplish both of the above then at Jam.

It was actually yahoo that brought us to Jam, as they featured Jam’s breakfast sandwich as one of the best in the United States. My friend Kevin was therefore determined to try the sandwich while he was visiting. Thanks yahoo, and thanks Kevin. I’m pretty glad it happened.

First of all, Jam is located in Logan Square and perfectly positioned right in the middle of the neighborhoods Sunday farmer’s market. It’s owned by two local guys, one being the executive chef and the other being the beacon of all that is hospitality. Kevin and I were initially greeted by a host who took down his number as the wait was about 30 minutes. So we walked around the farmer’s market while we waited. Kevin forgot to put his phone on loud and we missed the call by 3 minutes that our table was ready. When we returned the owner spoke to us and tried to help out but our table was taken. I spied a few seats at the bar and asked if we could be served breakfast there. The adorable bar tender smiled and said “YES! Please hang out with me this morning.”

We were sold and we plopped down right in front of all the action.

I ordered Zucchini Bread Pancakes. Honestly, why would anyone ever order normal pancakes when it’s possible to have zucchini bread pancakes? The experience was nearly life changing. And Kevin was equally pleased with the yahoo recommended breakfast sandwich. Our new friend at the bar made a killer bloody mary to top it all off.

The moral of the story is that you could go to IHOP a million times but you’d probably never run into the owner of the joint. You probably won’t get to chat up the bartender. You probably won’t get an experience like you’ll get at Jam. So if you find yourself hungry on any given morning, please hop on over to Logan Square and take a seat in the killer restaurant we like to call Jam.

if you’re lucky enough to have breakfast at Jam, you’re lucky enough



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