I’ve had a giant blog / artist crush on Larissa for a while now. She is just down right awesome. Her blog is filled with pretty drawings of what she wears. And she lives is Australia. I know, right? One time, she even made this pretty picture for me. So when I started this new Lucky Charm feature, I knew I had to include Larissa. And lucky for me, and you!, she is here today to share her lucky charm.

It was 1997 and my family had just embarked on a journey of a lifetime to move to the other side of the world. (From Canberra, Australia to Simsbury, Connecticut) My parents indulged my siblings & I with a pilgrimage to Disneyland, where we watched the Hercules Victory Parade that coincided with the film release that year. Whilst my family was preoccupied with the decorative themed floats, Hercules marched up to the curb where I was standing, shook my hand, patted my head & handed me a little card for the parade. From that moment on I knew that little piece paper was special.

It reminds me how lucky I was to be able to visit such a place that had been a part of my imagination through every Disney animated film watched, themed birthday parties hosted and every princess colouring book I completed from cover to cover. That little card has been in every coin purse, wallet, clutch and handbag every since.

“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.” — Walt Disney


LUCKY CHARMS is a new feature here on luckyenough. Did you miss the previous LUCKY CHARMS?

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Do you have a lucky charm? Do you want your lucky charm to be featured here on the blog? Email me here, subject line LUCKY CHARMS. I cannot wait to learn about different people’s lucky charms. Cheers to luck!

if you’re lucky enough to have a special charm, you’re lucky enough




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