That is what I wish I could do right now on the channel changer of life. I want to PAUSE Monday, REWIND to Friday, and PLAY the entire weekend over again. I had the absolute best time with family. My cousins Aubrey, James, and Gemma Bird were my first real visitors in the city. I wasn’t really able to show them around because I’m so new around these parts. But it was fun none the less. Traveling and moving around is awesome, but whenever I’m surrounded by family it makes me want to stop it all, move close to them, and never leave again.

Thanks for being the most fun ever guys. Love you all!

if you’re lucky enough to have family like mine, you’re lucky enough



2 thoughts on “PAUSE. REWIND. PLAY.

  1. i think the structure & sentiment of your blog are so neat. i love all the positivity & gratitude. thanks for bringing good vibes into the world through your blog!

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