You know what I have come to realize? Furniture is bloody expensive. And it seems so chic to thrift inexpensive furniture — to effortlessly decorate your apartment with adorable, loved pieces. But it’s pretty darn tough without a car. And so, Johanna and I found ourselves at Target. That’s where I met my friend below: the grumpy, dark dresser.

Because I moved to Chicago from California, I’m a little worried about being depressed during the winter. I know it sounds silly, but this will be my very first winter. I’ve heard horror stories from my colleagues and so I’m taking all the necessary precautions including, but not limited to, ensuring that my apartment is a happy place. And my first victim was my dresser. It’s pretty ridiculous that I even titled this post DIY but here’s how I turned that dark ol’ thang into something fun.

Hopefully you took notes from the photos above, I know there were many steps. I’ll give you a bit more detail…I painted the entire thing white. Then I put a little bit of painter’s tape in a chevron type design if you will on three of the drawers. Then I taped a straight line on one of the drawers. And I painted around the tape a fun yellow color to give it a little pop. Finally, I watched exactly two episodes of Mad Men while it dried. After I peeled off the paint tape, I jumped up and down in joy.

In all seriousness, it was so simple and I am really happy with how it came out. I think that even if I’m trapped in my apartment during a blizzard I’ll be able to look at this peachy girl and smile. Right? Want to see more easy DIY ideas: chalkboard platters / framed earring holder / quote art / hand-stitched cards.

if you’re lucky enough to love what you make, you’re lucky enough


4 thoughts on “DIY: PAINTED DRESSER

  1. CUTE dresser!
    The first winter after I moved to the great white north from California was tough. I got pretty depressed actually – I think because i was missing the sun. I’ve found Vitamin D to be a very helpful thing.

  2. key to surviving a midwest winter is to NOT lock yourself indoors. go outside and do a bunch of stuff!…. experience the weather… make plans…. hang with friends….

  3. Hi Lizzie! I love exploring your blog and hope that you are enjoying Chicago! =) Sending some love from San Diego! I am loving this DIY! it turned out beautifully! Can’t wait to try this myself when I want to turn a dull piece of furniture into something fun and chic! Keep up the amazing posts!


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