I am ashamed it took me so long, but finally I tried deep dish pizza again! Last Sunday Johanna and I were hungry and very strangely after a night on the town didn’t feel like doing much. Cue the best looking pizza delivery guy I ever did see showing up at our apartment building in under 45 minutes from Bacino’s. And while I did break my new rule that the hunt for Chicago’s best deep dish will only take place eating in, I am so glad it happened.

We ordered a medium Spinach Supreme. What’s in a supreme you’re wondering? “Bacino’s special blend of spinach, cheeses, herbs & spices, and optional mushrooms.” And you better believe we got the optional mushrooms. The pizza arrived in under their estimated 45 minutes, it was hot, and it was delicious. Ordering something other than straight and plain cheese was really what did it. The combination of their ingredients was perfect. None of the ingredients were too overpowering but all complimented one another well. We really didn’t need a medium pizza, but neither one of us complained about the leftovers throughout the week. I preferred heating up the pizza, where Johanna ate it cold and liked it just as much.

I have to point out that the service over the phone was nearly horrible. The man I spoke with was actually rude, just bluntly asking questions -“Your name? What do you want? Your phone number?” And had I not been ridiculously hungry I would’ve gone elsewhere. Their service standards could use a refreshing, but their pizza recipe doesn’t need to be touched.

Overall I give them a gracious 4/5 stars. And it might have been higher had it not been for the service. I’m actually getting grumpy thinking about it again… but then I remember the cheese and sauce, and yes okay they deserve the 4/5. Read my first deep dish pizza review here.

Thank you for your suggestions as to where to continue the search for Chicago’s best deep dish. So far on my list I have Gino’s East, Lou Malnati’s, and Giordano’s. Do you have any pizza places you think I should add to the list?

if you’re lucky enough to experience Chicago deep dish pizza, you’re lucky enough


  1. I was there in may over a weekend, and although I was only there for three days , I died for pizanos!! It was so good I went there twice (and once more at night but not for pizza)


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