Remember when I compiled my Apartment Wishlist? Well, I caved. I bought this pretty little stand for my pretty little record player. And guys, I love it. It brings a smile to my face everyday. And, even more importantly I think my record player is happier now.

It is now my new Chicago mission to find some of the better vinyl stores. I’ve heard of a few, walked past several, and am excited to explore and decide for myself where the best store is. Have you shopped for vinyl or music in general in Chicago before? Any recommendations?

if you’re lucky enough to love where you spend your dollars, you’re lucky enough



  1. What are 5 records you would take to a deserted island? Of course the island can power your TT, amp, receiver, and speakers. What 5 records can you listen to over and over again? …. okay, I just got some records and a record player from my FIL and this is my not-so-subtle way of asking for recommendations. By the way, I AM HOOKED ON VINYL! Holy cow, records sound so… so… RICH! Anyway, any help for the vinyl noobie would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Lori’s Planet of Sound will always be my favorite record store, even if I don’t live in Chicago anymore, with Reckless Records (the one in Lakeview) being a close second. happy hunting!


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