Johanna and I spent the afternoon in Andersonville over the weekend. We’ve been scouring the area for furniture to add to our lovely lil space here. After searching, without much luck really, for hours we wandered around town and stumbled upon a cute little restaurant called Uncommon Ground. We both ordered pretty fabulous summery drinks and OUTSTANDING food. I had a delicious black bean burger and Johanna had tempura avocado tacos — I know.

We are getting our bearings in this place. Sometimes I feel a need to rush, rush, rush to make a life here. But Johanna is a smart cookie and has been reminding me we’ve only been here for a few weeks. There is time.

if you’re lucky enough to be in a city where you can stumble upon great new places, you’re lucky enough



  1. I’ve eaten there! I thought the pictures looked familiar and then BOOM! :) It WAS delicious! I used to live about 5 blocks from it and LOVED the look of it at night time…cool colored glass light hangings, I believe…? Anyway, cool. :)


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