I am a very strong believer that luck is believing you are lucky. But there are those moments when it’s nice to have a phsyical reminder -something to hold that says “Hey there! Yeah, you! You are a lucky little thing!”

My parents, my sister, one of my best friends Didi and I spent a week in Ireland in 2008 right after Didi and I graduated high school. It was such an exciting trip and it sparked my love for Ireland. While traveling my thoughtful, and sneaky, mother picked up a little something for us girls. She bought us a worry stone. And now the stone stays in my wallet at all times. It’s a nice reminder to myself that there is no need to worry because with this pretty green stone came a beautiful Irish saying…


LUCKY CHARMS is a new feature here on luckyenough. Do you have a lucky charm? Do you want your lucky charm to be featured here on the blog? Email me here, subject line LUCKY CHARMS. I cannot wait to learn about different people’s lucky charms. Cheers to luck!

if you’re lucky enough to have a special lucky charm, you’re lucky enough



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