first of all, i initially titled this A FEW MORE SNAPSHOTS OF SAN DIEGO because let’s be honest when i see water, i think san diego beaches. but chicago! you have not disappointed. i thought people were bananas when they told me chicago had beautiful beaches and a magnificent lakefront. but alas, you wise folks weren’t lying to me.

i’ve spent the past few days looking for furniture and beautiful things to put into our apartment. and i would love everything about it if my darn bank account would just stop getting smaller and smaller. jeez la wheez. but the good news is that i’m working a lot, so maybe someday that bank account will start getting bigger and bigger. {i’m trying to manifest my destiny, clearly.}

i hope your weekend is filled with snapshots like the ones above!

if you’re lucky enough to find a bountiful beach in the midwest, you’re lucky enough



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