it had to happen right? the search for the best chicago deep dish pizza was bound to begin as this self declared foodie just recently relocated to chicago. see that hot sizzling pie above? that my folks is deep dish.

last week i accidentally got lost. {but who really gets lost on purpose?} and i ended up walking a very inconvenient 2 miles from work to where i was trying to get to. and as i was walking i just happened to peak to my right and see pizano’s pizza and pasta. i was annoyed at myself, hungry, and thirsty as all get out. and so i opened a big door and found myself inside a tiny, dark restaurant. i ordered a small cheese deep dish to go and sat at the bar to wait {i swear the bar was the only place with an open seat}

30 minutes later {they warn you about the wait, because guys deep dish takes time} i was no longer annoyed but instead excited at my new decision: i was going to find the best deep dish pizza in chicago. {or gain 10lbs trying}.

and my review of pizano’s? well, it was my first time trying deep dish, so i don’t feel this is completely fair but i would give it 3.5/5 stars. the sauce was a juicy, tomatoey party in my mouth and hands down the best part of the pie. but the colder the pizza got, the less i liked it. by deep dish what they mean is crust, a whole hunk of cheese, and then sauce on top. {interesting right?} so when the cheese went from warm and gooey to cold and solid, it just felt strange eating. it was essentially eating a block of cheese on top of bread with great sauce on top.

so the moral of the story? my journey to find the best deep dish pizza has begun. but, to keep things fair i believe i will always eat in, never take out. so chicagoans… what pizza place would you recommend?

if you’re lucky enough to have a new goal in life, you’re lucky enough





  1. Oh my beloved Chicago. I hope you enjoy living there! I sure do miss it.
    The best deep dish pizza is, by far, Giordonos! I have also heard that Pizza Uno is good.
    Happy eating!

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