this whole move to chicago happened pretty quickly. one moment johanna and i were daydreaming about moving to a new city together and the next day i was booking my flight. in fact, i found out the official news the DAY before graduation. yes it was an exciting weekend that one.

and so, before making the move to the midwest {weird…} i made a few pit stops at my absolute favorite san diego places. phil’s bbq is hands down the best bbq joint i have ever been to. {excluding your backyard dad}. i still remember some of my good guy friends from college took me there for my first time and i was immediately smitten. and i’m really not even the bbq type. but yum.

now they are a pretty big deal in san diego, so there is nearly always a wait. but it moves along quickly and i’ve never felt like it wasn’t worth it. i always order the chick tickler {i know. it makes me giggle too}. and i NEVER put ketchup on anything. that is just plain rude when phil is known for his sauce. aana ordered a killer turkey burger and onion rings. my mom once had a FABULOUS pulled pork sandwich. and many of my friends as well as my dad died for the ribs. i am 99% certain that whatever you order will be out of this world good.

hopefully the next time you are in san diego you’ll remember to stop by phil’s. oh boy, i would do something serious for some chicken and onion rings right now. and how funny is aana’s face? that’s her typical waiting-for-lizzie-to-take-her-damn-pictures face. ha! and i miss it already! have you ever been to phil’s? or do you know of a good bbq place in chicago?

if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a stop at phil’s bbq, you’re lucky enough



  1. Oh my, makes me yearn for a Phil’s BBQ sound here, and I’m not really a BBQ kind of girl either, but that food looks and sounds terrific. Now I’m hungry!


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