{me, brittanie, johanna, kelly & jessica at our last dinner together in san diego}

it’s easy to be best friends with people you grew up with. you know the ins and outs of who you each are. you know the history, you know the family, and you know the details of your oldest best friends’ lives.

but the thing is, sometimes you meet friends who just fit into your life. it doesn’t matter that they don’t know the first boy you kissed and it doesn’t matter that they don’t know your high school english teacher. it doesn’t matter because sometimes friendship isn’t about how long you have known someone. sometimes friendship is just about how much you enjoy being with someone. sometimes friendship is about learning about someone’s first kiss and high school english teacher and wanting to learn more.

and see those ladies pictured above? it’s been exactly one month since we GRADUATED together and i already miss them all something fierce. i’ve only known these sassy gals for a few years. and yet i love them just the same. how sweet it is to have friends like these.

if you’re lucky enough to make good friends in college, you’re lucky enough


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