i would like to think of myself as a bit of a traveler. you know i zipped back and forth between san francisco and san diego several times a year while going to sdsu. i spent months traveling throughout europe. and seeing as i started this blog to document my study abroad adventures in ireland, i am frequently asked questions about traveling.

while i was packing my carry on bag before flying to chicago, i thought lizzie why don’t you share with your dear friends what you think makes a perfect carry on bag. and so, that is what i’m going to do.

1. a good book {or two depending on the length of your flight}. now this is debatable, but i just adore actual books. i haven’t jumped onto the kindle, e-book bandwagon yet. it’s just not the same to me. PLUS i cannot stand when the flight attendants ask me to turn everything off during take off and landing. but they’ve never asked me to close my book.
2. my laptop and its case. i always pack my laptop last as every traveler has to take it out and place it in its own bin for security.
3. headphones. these are an absolute must for me. i usually have a pair of little white apple headbuds in my purse as well.

4. my jewelry. now it’s never happened to me, but my sister-in-law has had her valuables stolen from her checked luggage. so i play it safe and carry on my beloved jewelry.
5. a comfy t-shirt and yoga pants. this is my i-don’t-like-sleeping-in-jeans- outfit. knock on a whole lot of virtual wood for me, my luggage has never been lost. however i always like to bring clothes to sleep in just in case.
6. burts bees face wipes, deodorant, and a toothbrush. for the same reason as above and because it just feels really heavenly to wipe my face and brush my teeth once i’ve landed. something about flying leaves me feeling a little grimy sometimes.
7. different colored pens because when i get brilliant ideas mid flight, i need them to be color-coordinated.
8. i have a reoccurring nightmare that i will get all the way to the airport, open my wallet and find that my i.d. is missing. and once i wake up from that nightmare, i fall back asleep and dream that my passport is missing or forgotten or left on the bar of the last pub i was in. and therefore, i carry the ol’ passport with me on my longer journeys {and of course my international ones too}.
9. i like to always have my camera cords and chargers with me.
10. i carry bobby pins and hair-ties with me to avoid annoying plane hair and to avoid outrageous airport hair-tie prices. win win.
11. in my padfolio i keep my calendar, notepad, and important documents such as a hotel confirmation letter, important phone numbers, ect.

now these contents are in addition to the typical contents of my purse: iphone, camera, wallet, and chapstick. and more than anything what i try to do is keep my carry on light and NOT tight. i cannot stand when my bag is bursting full. i like room in case i splurge on a couple trashy magazines or a dry, over-priced airport sandwich.

do you have any tips for a perfect carry on? what can you not live without on a plane? you can read my previous WHAT’S IN MY BAG? posts here and here.

if you’re lucky enough to travel by plane, you’re lucky enough



  1. ah! The Happiness Project is so good. such a great plane book. hope you’re doing well with your first few weeks in Chicago, Lizzie!

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