one of my closest friends from college johanna and i are moving! we’re packing up our goods and making the trek to the windy city. and it’s all happening so quickly. i’m leaving california on june 12. that’s only TWO WEEKS away.

so if you are from chicago, you know anyone from chicago, or you have visited chicago we would love to hear any and all advice from you! california girls headed to chicago? we are excited to see how it all works out.

if you’re lucky enough to be moving across the country with a friend like johanna, you’re lucky enough


6 thoughts on “AN ANNOUNCEMENT

  1. My fiance’s family lives in the suburbs outside of the city and I have only been there a handful of times but it seems fantastic! I really love the Museum of Science and Industry. .

  2. I would recommend doing all of the tourist attractions before you become too comfortable in the city and before your friends and family visit.

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