i’ve been busy writing thank you cards, goodbye cards, and i love you cards to all of the important people in my life. and while i can appreciate a hilarious hallmark card or a card that sings when you open it, i decided it would be a lot more fun to make my own, personalized cards.

and on a scale of 1-EASY, this project tips over at EASY.

WHAT YOU NEED: blank cards {or cardstock paper}, scissors, colorful string, a needle, and a pencil.

1. draw your design 2. stitch your design 3. look at your pretty card

3 steps. i know. and 3 of the easiest steps you ever did see. but the finished product is just too precious. i’m afraid that if you are expecting a card from me in the near future, it’s going to look like one of the above.

if you’re lucky enough to have friends to make cards for, you’re lucky enough


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