we are graduating from san diego state university this weekend. we are officially done! and it’s crazy. it feels like just yesterday — well no not just yesterday.. maybe just three months ago — i was starting my freshman year. fast forward four great years zip, zip, zam! and here i am today. done with school.

this week the six of us went out to a really lovely dinner at bice in downtown san diego. there we passed around sweet little gifts. i made everyone a handmade card and a lil quote art. {really similar to the one i made here, except this time i used pretty fabrics}

we’ve got exciting futures ahead of us and i cannot wait to see what every one of these gals does with their beautiful lives. but, still it’s sad to know we may not all be together, in the same place, at the same time again. i love you friends. and CONGRATULATIONS!

if you’re lucky enough to have made great friends in college, you’re lucky enough


  1. you’re the sweeetest!! i can’t wait to see all of these pictures! thank you so much for taking us all out to dinner AND making us presents! mine is already up in my room! i love all you ladies and CONGRATULATIONS! we did it!


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