typically when i think of pacific beach, or pb as it is more commonly referred to around these parts, i think lazy, beachy, party town. but cafe 976 offers an entirely different vibe. it is a quaint, absolutely adorable cafe filled with beautiful bushes, flowers, and trees.

my girlfriends and i visited the cafe last weekend and were overall pleased with the cute place. the food is great with amazing breakfast options ranging from your basic egg and toast to more tasty breakfast burritos with soy chorizo. they also have a wide range of delicious sounding sandwiches to choose from. we went expecting to order a late breakfast, but all ended up being swayed by the sandwich menu. i ordered a large chai tea latte and an outstanding spinach burger on ciabatta bread with peppers and a jalapeno spread.

however, because the cafe is both a sit down as well as order at the counter and go joint, the service is slightly slacking. everyone is courteous, but it’s very clear that they are forgetful when it comes to which order is to go, who is sitting down, and who is waiting to order a cup of coffee. but if you have time to spare, want to catch up with good friends, and are more interested in the atmosphere than customer service, this place is wonderful.

if you’re lucky enough to visit cafe 976, you’re lucky enough



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