– wearing phony reading glasses really does make me feel smarter which inevitably helps me study.

-speaking of study, i’m currently studying for my last final exam EVER. or at least my last final exam of my undergraduate college career!

-and how awesome is it that my last final is for my children’s literature class? life is just too great sometimes.

-and for my final paper, i’m writing about harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone. i know.

-and once all this final, schminal stuff is over i’ll be graduating! this weekend. with my good friends and my parents visiting for the weekend to celebrate.

-and a couple weeks after that, one of my best friends didi and i are throwing a little graduation party together.

-it is nice to sit back and remember how gosh darn lovely life can be. especially when you could just as easily take the time to list everything that’s not lovely. but hey, let’s stick to the good stuff for today. mondays are tough enough as it is.

if you’re lucky enough to remember some happy things on a monday, you’re lucky enough


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