//in honor of our LAST DAY OF CLASSES my girlfriends and i dressed like nerds\\

dear younger lizzie,

i am jealous of you. i want to shove you out of your seat, steal your class schedule, and be a freshman all over again. time is something that you’re going to hear a lot about for the next 4 years. or possibly for the next 7 years, as people whisper behind your back about how much of a super senior you are.

time is free. and time is priceless. time is the best gift you will ever be given. you will never own time, but you can use it.

i did this whole college thing in four years. i am one of the few here at san diego state. and would you like to know what i regret? finishing so quickly. i rushed through. i prided myself on my ability to do the impossible. and along the way i pushed aside a second major in english or journalism or a minor in art – the classes just took too much time. i spent two summers taking summer school. and i graduated as the same major that i declared my very first semester. i raced time. i felt like i constantly had to sprint to stay ahead. and i didn’t realize that what was chasing me was life, that i was trying to beat adventure rather than join it.

don’t get me wrong, i had fun. i am proud of how well i did in school, how focused i was. and i have a job i love right out of school.  so my sprint paid off. and if you do the same, i’m sure yours will too.

but i’m asking you to enjoy the run, and not treat college as a race. i’m asking you to take an art class in my honor, try a dance class, and bask in your time here. you are about to start an exciting trip. and i hope that you take pictures along the way. don’t keep your eyes glued to the map. take a few wrong turns. you don’t have to get lost, just promise me you won’t forget to pull over and stretch at least once or twice.

an older, tiny bit wiser lizzie

if you’re lucky enough to share lessons learned, you’re lucky enough



  1. Oh if only I could write Freshmen Jordan a letter… I’d sound like a controlling, nervous father telling him not to do several things that I’ve done so far.

    Congratulations on graduation, Lizzie.


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