san diego is sprinkled with absolutely exquisite farmer’s markets. and in honor of my last day of college ever, i decided it would be perfect to feature our fabulous sdsu farmer’s market today.

my favorite booth is the olive oil cafe. the first time i visited this tent was when the main owner was pregnant. she has since had her baby and is still producing absolutely amazing sandwiches and treats. i get the same sandwich every single time, which is something i’m typically opposed to. live a little lizzie. except when it’s this good, it’s too good to be tampered with. i get the southwestern. we’re talking turkey, avocado, pepperjack, jalepenos, tomatos, a chipotle sauce and all on a mouth watering ciabatta bread. right?

whether you are a san diego state student or not, if you ever find your self on sdsu’s campus on thursday afternoons stop by. if you aren’t moved by my sandwich obsession, the market also offers a divine collection of many different foods: there is humus in nearly every flavor — even in peanut butter — mexican food, thai food, skewers, and delicious flavors of tea and boba. there are also vendors that set up shop selling originally designed graphic ts, jewelry, notebooks, even vinyl records sometimes.

if you’re lucky enough to be at san diego state on a thursday, you’re lucky enough



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