ha! isn’t the picture beyond hilarious? when my good friend showed it to me {in class mind you} i couldn’t stop laughing.

my sister is going to be doing this type of thing -putting casts on cute little kitties- in a short 8 months. {or at least this is what i assume you’ve been practicing at vet school brittany?} and since she’ll be graduating from melbourne university, yours truly is going to fly all the way to australia to show my support at the end of november. no other reason than to support her. she pretty much had to beg me to fly across the country to celebrate.

ha, you caught me. i’m lying. i’m beyond excited! i feel like screaming: “OIY! I’M GOIN DOWN UNDA! AND SHRIMP ON THA BARBAY!” excited excited excited, that’s what i am.

but before getting back to work, let’s all laugh one more time at the kitty picture above. scroll up and repeat. as many times as necessary to shake those monday blues. doctor’s lizzie’s orders.

if you’re lucky enough to have a reason to laugh, you’re lucky enough


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