if you find yourself in san diego in the near future, pretty please bookmark two places for yourself.

1. the ob noodle house. it’s an excellent little restaurant with a cool bar, a TON of beer choices on tap, and tasty food. i tried pho here for my first time, and it was much better than i could have imagined. the service is exactly what you’d expect in ocean beach {if you aren’t familiar — it’s relaxed, slow in a calm way that makes you realize rush rush rush is not always neccesary, and full of “yeaaaa man” and “for sure dude” s}.

2. the lighthouse ice cream & yogurt is a little hole in the wall ice cream shop that is world famous {or at least san diego famous} for their waffle ice cream sandwiches. the service is excited and friendly, the ice cream is delicious, and the waffle sandwich is ALL that it’s cracked up to be.

my days may be numbered in san diego, so i hope to share a couple more of my favorite places in the wonderful little city by the ocean.

if you’re lucky enough to spend time in san diego, you’re lucky enough




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