it’s been 100 years since the titanic sank. one. hundred. years. and luckily for me, and my fellow san diego residents, to commemorate this tragedy, the natural history museum is hosting titanic: the artifact exhibit.

unfortunately, cameras were not allowed within the actual exhibit. but really, photos don’t even do it justice. if you live in san diego or if you’re in a town that this exhibit will travel to.. please do yourself a favor and visit it. it was outstanding. the artifacts that have been preserved from dishes, hair brushes, cigarette holders, to jewelry are fascinating.

i went home from this exhibit and spent over two hours googling stories about the titanic. that’s how i know something effected me, when i can’t stop thinking about it. some of my favorite stories that i found include the dogs of the titanic and a story about a woman who survived, anna turja who thought the movie made in the 50s was real.

to the 1,500 people that lost their lives: 100 years later and your memories live on.

if you’re lucky enough to be here today, you’re lucky enough



  1. I used to be totally obsessed with the Titanic when I was younger. I saw that exhibit once in Los Angeles, I have yet to go see it here. It’s really quite a trip seeing all of the stuff they have on display (old timey money, suitcases, etc.). And it’s great that I’m not the only person who recognized the anniversary!


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