1. the devil wears prada 2. easy a 3. legally blonde 4. bridesmaids 5. mean girls
6. clueless 7. the women

while i listed the above in no particular order, each of these 7 movies kick major bootay. i’m talking the type of movie you can watch regardless of your relationship status, regardless if your heart is full of love or broken. you can watch any of the above movies and have no desire to run to the nearest convenience store and buy a pint of ice cream, then eat said pint and cry about your pitiful misery. watch any of these movies and you’ll feel like fist pumping the air and break dancing.

have you seen any of them? at least one of them i hope? if not, stop whatever you are doing {besides reading my blog, obviously} and go rent/download/redbox/netflix or whatever it is that you do and watch them. did i leave any notable ones out? and don’t you dare say the notebook. that movie does not fit the above mentioned criteria.

if you’re lucky enough to have 7 movies to inspire you and lift your spirits, you’re lucky enough


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