this quote embodies leadership to me. when i think about the leader i aspire to be, it is a leader who motivates and inspires others. i am currently taking a course during my final semester at sdsu where we are focusing on different leadership styles and studying different leader behaviors. to me a leader isn’t a title, it is a way of life. i do not believe you need to hold a leadership position within a company to be a leader. you can be a leader in your everyday life, you can be a leader at work regardless of your position.

i think that you are a leader the second that you inspire others to change their behaviors, their goals, or their expectations for the better. if i had only one professional goal, it would be to inspire at least one person to work harder. to inspire at least one person to focus more. and inspire at least one person to strive to be better.

if you’re lucky enough to have met an inspiring leader, you’re lucky enough



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  2. You are inspiring! I love how you’ve integrated your creativity and personality into your blog. And your thoughts display such positivity…it’s very encouraging!

  3. I totally agree with your definition of leadership. And you, lucky Lizzie, are also lucky enough to have a beautiful and inviting smile to also draw those whom you may wish to inspire – just saying….

    love – aunt sid


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