come in won’t you? i know we don’t know each other that well, but come on, make yourself comfortable.

now, i move a lot. and i mean A LOT. in the past four years i’ve moved 8 times i believe? and the size of my room {or uh couch if you count that month period i spent in my friend’s living room} always changes. the shape of my room always changes. but i like to take the time and effort to make my space somewhere i feel comfortable. sleeping is one of my top ten favorite activities, and boy do i love sleeping in this space.

here’s a little looksie at where i lay my head. remember that quote that miranda said in sex in the city?

miranda: it’s an experiment. i’m trying to change my bed karma. i figure if i can make my bed a place i really want to be, others will feel the same way.

ha! {just joking mom and dad. gross!}

what about you? do you spend hours day dreaming about how you’re going to decorate your room? or your apartment? or your mansion you lucky kid you? does it take you months to complete your space?

if you’re lucky enough to have a home to decorate, you’re lucky enough



6 thoughts on “WHERE I LAY MY HEAD

  1. hahaha, i simply adore that sex and the city quote. and i wish that my bedroom looked like this. i want to transform my bedroom to be a place of solitude. and it’s nice because it doesn’t get any reception and only has 20 channels on the tv for some reason. love!
    xo TJ

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