you nearly forgot i existed didn’t ya? fewf. you and me both. the last quarter of 2011 was quite the whirlwind for me. {i speak in quarters because i’m becoming a savvy businesswoman didntcha hear?}

but i swear i’m back. and with a vengeance. i’ve missed having this space to write down my thoughts, be creative, and hear from you all. and to those of you that kept coming around, day after day, while i wrote absolutely nothing. thank you and i am sorry. and to those of you that kept bugging me to blog again. thank you as well.

i’ll be back later this afternoon with a lovely little post about my new years resolutions. so prepare to share yours as well!

happy new years all. i’ve missed ya so!

if you’re lucky enough to have a place in the big ol’ www land to return to, you’re lucky enough



  1. was really, really missing you, wondering where you were in cyberspace world. thus, we’re lucky enough having ms. lizzie back.

    P.S. – the pictures of my mother (your grandmother, wandie) of years past when in modeling school, I want those too – can you send via email: cthreadgold@svtv.com – thank you….


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