MY LIFE LATELY… as told by my iPhone

it has been HOW long since i last posted? holy talito. talk about neglect. do i even dare ramble my list of excuses to you? how about the fact that i had 3 midterms last week? {see the self medication photographed above, ahem 2 buck chuck}. and then i flew home to the bay area. and i was lucky enough to relax with my family and family friends at our favorite brewery lagunitas.  and then on sunday i ran the nike women’s half marathon in san francisco. it was such a cool experience. and then i spent the rest of day relaxing and catching up with friends.

and this week it’s back the grind. work. school. the usual.

since it’s been so long, do tell me, how are you? how was your week? did you miss me as much as i missed you?

if you’re lucky enough to have an iPhone to capture your busy life, you’re lucky enough


4 thoughts on “MY LIFE LATELY… as told by my iPhone

  1. Girl we need to get you a US map – I know you know the cities around the world. That is Toledo – I will just assume you were taking literary phonetic license. Cheers

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