SEVEN THINGS: rain rain don’t ever go away

it rained today. {and in san diego, this is rare. it maybe rains 10 days out of the whole gosh darn year}. and boy did i love it. so much it made me run home and google rain images for over an hour. there is something about rain that has always felt magical and romantic to me. here are seven of my favorites…

1. happy kids dancing in the rain.

2. isn’t this painting magical? i want to recreate something like this.

3. i love everything about this. so precious.

4. do ya see that shadow? it’s a heart! oh how darling.

5. talk about a silver lining. gorgeous umbrellas brighten up a not so gorgeous day.

6. i think i love this 1. because it’s cute and 2. because i know my sister could make this for me. {hint hint sister}.

7. and hello, who doesn’t want a kiss like this one?

oh rain. you make my heart dance.

do you like the rain? has it started raining where you are living yet? let’s all band together and wear our best boots and prettiest umbrellas tomorrow!

if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a day in the rain, you’re lucky enough


4 thoughts on “SEVEN THINGS: rain rain don’t ever go away

  1. We get LOTS of rain in Alabama. My daughter lived in Escondido for a couple of years, and she always thought it was funny that southern Californians reacted to driving in the rain the way we do to a tiny bit of snow.

    After they had lived there for a while, my grandgirl who was 3 at the time, would be mesmerized by the rain when she came home to visit. She would stand at the window and just watch it fall.


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