i have been busy. but blah blah blah, who isn’t busy. but i have now decoded a major secret. the secret of destressification. {you know that word don’t you?}

and the formula goes as follows: shop downtown + take pictures of hilarious people + go to cupcake shop with best friend + make cupwhich + listen to adele on vinyl = stress-be-gone!

do you have any secrets for relieving stress? and can we please get a huge round of applause for pumpkin flavored everything being around again. {yes that is a pumpkin cupcake i’m eating} i heart fall!

if you’re lucky enough to have a friend to spend a stressful day with, you’re lucky enough


5 thoughts on “HOW TO DESTRESS

  1. Things I do to de-stress: Get out into nature and near some water. Read for pleasure. Kick my own butt with a workout. Those things seem to do the trick.

    I’m glad your all un-stressed. :) And yay to pumpkin everything.


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