SEVEN THINGS: feeling green

i’m all kinds of green right now. and i don’t mean with envy. i started a brand new job two weeks ago. i haven’t felt this new, inexperienced sense of green in quite some time. but, i’m strangely enjoying it. it’s uncomfortable and different. but, there is something to be said for the fresh way you can see things when you’re new and looking at things for your very first time. i feel like a small child with all the questions i have. i probably look like a child with huge eyes and my head cocked to the side too. but it’s okay. green hardly ever lasts. and so today, i’m feeling ultra inspired by seven gorgeous green things that will stay green

1. these sweet green notes and a cute green coffee cup.

2. this lovely green spool of thread makes me want to stitch a happy quote into a happy little pillow.

3. these green books remind me of my dad. and how the poor guy had to walk uphill to school every day, both ways. in the snow. year round.

4. i’m pretty sure i want at least one corner of my backyard or back patio to look just like this green utopia.

5. my entire childhood, my dream car was a cute lil bug just like this.

6. these perfect green bottles remind me of my grandma. she was a major hoarder of cans, bottles, and even tupperware. but to her defense, she was a depression baby, trained to save and reuse.

7. i would gladly come and knock on this door!

i don’t really claim to have a favorite color. it seems to always change with each season and each mood. but right now, if you were to ask me. i just might say green.

what are your favorite green things? does green remind you of positive or negative things? envy or freshness?

if you’re lucky enough to appreciate feeling green, you’re lucky enough


6 thoughts on “SEVEN THINGS: feeling green

  1. All my plaster walls are painted with neon lime green paint and the brick walls are painted candy apple red… But really I think the greens found in nature are the best!
    And btw, I thought Grandma’s hoarding was awesome. There was always something new to play with!

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