have you ever gone 13 hours without electricity? i know i know, my great grandparents are probably rolling over in their graves. no, they are probably ready to pounce out of their graves, hobble over, and smack me in the head with their canes. but let me tell you, 13 hours without power is no joke. a little over a week ago, we lost power in san diego.

that’s over 1.5 million people without power. yikes. and it was such an eery feeling. i was sitting in class when out of no where ear piercing alarms and sirens started blowing. my poor teacher was so old and confused he made us (a class of nearly 300 students) sit and wait for at least 20 minutes before other teachers came in and asked us why we were still there.

and then the strange evening began.

traffic was beyond horrendous. none of the traffic lights were working so cops were lined up helping. and those poor cops, it was nearly 95 degrees out and they were dripping sweat.

i got home and, ever the optimist, tried plugging my nearly dead phone into every single outlet. when that didn’t work, i took a handful of beers outside and relaxed with some neighbor boys. we had to drink them before they got warm obviously.

and then the roommates and i spent the rest of the evening by candlelight. luckily we were able to light the gas stove with lighters and cook ourselves gourmet meals of eggs and hot pockets.

it’s crazy to realize how reliant we are on technology. not just technology but my goodness electricity. 13 hours in san diego without power was bananas. but we got through, and we had a pretty fun time doing so.

has anything like that ever happened to you? what’s the longest you’ve been without power before? oh and did i mention, not only were we without power, but we were also without cell service. talk about freaky.

if you’re lucky enough to have lots of pretty candles during a 13 hour power outage, you’re lucky enough

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