northern california has my heart. through and through. while life in san diego is beyond sweet, nothing feels like home south of the city. and by the city, i mean san francisco. this summer i spent a little time filming some of my favorite things about northern california. and while i do plan to create one combined video of everything great that is northern california, i decided to do a little something right now. let me introduce you to the bridge of my people. the golden gate bridge.

song — days like this by van morrison
video made in iMovie

and why not throw in a little education? here are a few of my favorite facts about this beautiful bridge…

the bridge took just over four years to build. contruction began on january 5, 1933 and opened for vehicles on may 28, 1937

11 men lost their lives building this bridge. up until february 17, 1937 only one man had died while working in the bridge. this was an all time new record for the industry until the fateful day in february when 10 men lost their lives as a scaffold fell through the safety net.

as of april 2011, 1,929,896,448 vehicles have crossed the golden gate bridge (includes northbound and southbound) since opening in 1937.

have YOU ever been to san francisco? or the golden gate bridge?

if you’re lucky enough to see the golden gate bridge even once, you’re lucky enough



  1. I’ve been across the bridge.
    If the statue of liberty weren’t already my wife and this bridge had a gender, we’d be married by now.
    Want to get my hands on the film ‘the bridge’ even though the subject matter is extremely depressing.

    Great video as well.

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