the internet is so great. since you’re currently on it, i’m assuming you agree as well. i love the days when i spend a lot of time online just laughing and smiling at things i find. so without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things that i recently stumbled across on the wide world web…

emotional bag check is beyond brilliant. i don’t even have words. go check it out for yourself.

here people submit photos of their past in a photo of their present. it’s so much fun and such a precious idea.

i spy with my little hazel eye my next DIY project. must. make. this.

this picture makes me smile! so cute and happy.

and a few other happy links…

  • a list of animal sounds in different languages. did you know this existed? nope, me either.
  • how to make this string tree mural.

oh how did we ever survive without the internet? snikeys. i cannot even imagine. do you have any fabulous links to share? anything you’ve stumbled upon recently that makes you happy? please share!

if you’re lucky enough to feel happy after wasting 45 minutes surfin the web, you’re lucky enough


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